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Week 12 Entry

Last  Week of University for 2008.

I have learnt so much this semester from MG and from my friends and classmates.
So I decided to finish my year off with a poem.

It's the end for some
and the start for others
the end of winter
the start of spring

The cold crisp air melts
with the warmth of the blazing sun
The flowers peer from within the compacted petals
revealing the sweet smells of the new season
celebrating the new life

Innocent young creatures are born into this world
to live and love and look beyond the pressures
of the experienced one's and look further
to the spiritual dreams that exist beyond the natural world

The end of the suffering
The start of the surviving

We are born with individual souls so only we control our views of the world. It is up to us to seek and find what is missing in our own lives and mend it.

Life isn't about what you've got to loose...it's about what you've got to gain.

Week 11 Entry: comment to Jefferey


Hello Prom King haha
I really enjoyed reading your entry, you make some very valid points....I think alot of the literature we have been reading this semester focuses on the repucussions of jelousy. I think in Malouf's novel the Europeans are jelous of the skills of the Aborginal people and therefore mistreat them so they remain powerful.

William Blake certainly challenged the ways of the world through many of his works and so did William Shakespeare and I think many people tried to sabotage their ways of thinking because deep down they envied this independant thinking. Jelousy can ruin a friendship, a relationship and a family and yet it is just a feeling. Acceptance I think is the key to personal growth and accepting the things that cannot be changed is the first step to moving on "it just depends on how a person deals with it".

The point you make about Blake using jelousy to battle the constructs and conformity is exactly right and this is portrayed in a lot (if not all) of his works especially the Visions of the Daughters of Albion. I think deep down jelousy drives us to want the things we don't have.

If we were so content with ourselves then maybe we wouldn't have so much ambition and therefore not really be content with ourselves at all.

Week 10 Entry

Marriage of Heaven and Hell


This must be the longest mind map in the entire world!!! I’m glad that I am not tackling it alone!


Looking at “The Argument” it’s as though this story is also a poem. “Without contraries there is no progression” this is a statement that I think still exists today. Life cannot always be about rainbows and butterflies and in order to heal, you need to be able to feel pain. The “just man” who begins on keeping to the right side of the law does not see a world of pain or suffering and therefore is only shown a world that is superficial. “Roses are planted where thorns grow” this quote confuses me in a way because roses are beautiful and with rich colours and distinct sweet smells and yet they grow from a thick green stem with thorns that tear out everywhere. The rose will only ever grow from the thorny stem so does this mean that everything that is beautiful will always grow from the base of things that aren’t?


 “Then the perilous path was planted” I think this means that sometimes there is a path created for us that maybe we don’t want to take because we are so used to the safe path we are already on, the predictable path, the lonely path. However by taking the perilous path we are seeking the unknown, a path that will teach us things we don’t already know and cannot be taught out of a book. Through experience, we grow. Lessons are not always good but they are still lessons and part of life is learning.

Week 9 Entry

Visions of the daughters of Albion:

 This story really does my head in but at the same time there are so many underlining issues that still exist today that it makes me wonder will time every change society or will society keep stopping time? Oothoon exposes the injustices towards women of today, the greed and selfishness that exist among the Bromion’s of today and the weak and passive attitudes of the Theotormon’s of today.

 At first when reading about Oothoon, I thought she was the weak one because she allowed herself to be so naïve and then put herself in the vulnerable position to be attacked and then show no signs of resentment. If that had been me, I would have belted the living daylights out of that scum Bromion and smacked Theotormon across the head for trying to disown me! Who does he think he is? However then I read it again and again and slowly I’ve come to other realizations. Even in today’s society getting justice for something like rape takes forever to process through court and even if successful does not heal the emotional pain. The only way to heal is to do so from within and therefore Oothoon really is the survivor because she has found that strength to let go of the degrading situation she was put into and forgive those who have wronged her and therefore gaining the upper hand and becoming a better person than both Bromion and Theotormon. Bromion who is selfish of his desires attacks Oothoon but does not gain anything from it because he does not take her self esteem and therefore gains no power.

 In today’s society it’s much and much the same, the only way to beat them is the find the strength within yourself to accept the things that cannot be changed and move on.

Week 8 Entry

Auguries of Innocence

A very long poem of which I found interesting however a bit hard to understand. The poem emphasizes man's cruelty to nature "A Dove house filled with doves.....Shudders hell through it's regions"

At the beginning of the poem the poet emphasizes that even a grain of sand can be representative of the whole universe, I think this also represents the closed mindedness of the world, that there is so much out there but man continually destroys nature making it smaller. However enlightenment  can be found in the smallest of things as well, such as the "wild flower"being a source of heaven but man must see this first in order to appreciate it.

The poet goes on to highlight the consequences on man's actions such as "he who shall hurt the little wren shall never be belovd by men"...therefore man must realize it's mistakes before punishment is thrust upon them.

I think this is a true statement on the actions of the human race, we do not appreciate nature in the way that we should....as technology increase, I think our minds become overwritten and lazy and we start to forget about the smaller things in life which are really the most significant things and contribute much more the human inner experience than say "facebook".  We say that our environment is suffering because of pollution and yet every day more than 20 trees are cut down to make room for a 7 storey building. If man survived to live in the stone-age, can we not afford to stop tearing nature apart in order to fulfill our superficial desires?

The Little White Boy

Why It Was

I looked outside
All I saw were faces of darkness
And I wondered why this was?

I spoke to one
He sounded the same as me
And I wondered why this was?

I went to school on the bus
I saw him walk
And I wondered why this was?

I got to school and I sat near the front
He arrived and sat at the back
And I wondered why this was?

I got home and I asked my father
Why this was?

He told me
You are white
He is black
That is why this was.

Week 7 Entry

The Little Black Boy

Blake is so alert at the reality of society and the common racial barrier that exists even today.

This boy so young is given an explanation as to why he is different and will continue to always be different than that of the white supremacy.  "and we are put on earth a little space"...emphasizes the contribution of the blacks to the world. I'm not sure whether the mother is explaining that god gives light and heat and black people are able to bear this heat and therefore their faces get sun burnt but they are they will receive gods love because they are not afraid to bear this heat because they know it is provided by god and therefore he will love them??"for when our souls have learned the heat to bear...the cloud shall vanish we shall hear his voice".

Blake has the ability to highlight create beautiful poetry that are filled with issues that still exist today. He is his a poetry god in some sense. Although society has come a long way from the slave days, there is still a cultural barrier and I believe there always will be. There will always be racist, sexist, arrogant people out there and although we cannot control their thoughts, we can control our own thoughts and encourage the people we care about around us just like the mother did to her son.

Amazing Poem!!


Comment on Mariam's poem.

What a great poem.I relate to this so much because the questions you ask are very similar to my own.I often wonder what god wants from me, the lessons he is trying to teach me each day through different experiences, but maybe these lessons are not so much from god, but lessons that I am teaching myself. Our lives are often consumed by stress and especially with commitments such as university and assessments and things, it's hard not to put that extra pressure on ourselves. Every situation we encounter can be seen as negative or positive, it's all in the way we choose to look at it."have you ever stopped to think that life is as simple as you make it?", yes I have and I have also stopped to think that life is as complicated as you make it as well, and I tend to make my life extremely complicated at times. Life is for the living, not regretting.



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